Here we have a number of dogs we have bred,or owned. We are proud of all their achievements.
Motlaisa  Commander in Chief at Gaytonwood SGWC RCC

Jamescroft Kameo at Gaytonwood SGWC
Their daughter Gaytonwood Genevieve - from my first litter and behind all the Gaytonwoods
Her Children
Gaytonwood Vegas
Gaytonwood Dazzler JW
Gaytonwood Sapphire
Gaytonwood Sugar Plum
Gaytonwood Ellie
Gaytonwood Minnesota
Gaytonwood Pebbles
Gaytonwood Ritzy
New Cell
Gaytonwood Drifter

Gaytonwood Cuba 
New Cell
...and Boys we've bought in to share our lives
Fairy Jeff is Friendly with Gaytonwood
Eyevalley Highland Flynn with Gaytonwood


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