I only advertise puppies on this site where both parents have been tested for hereditary issues within their breeds. Although this does not guarantee that the puppies will be free of hereditary faults it reduces the possibility and is the best that responsible breeders can do at this time.

Julie has a litter born 16th July by Beau and she has 6 boys and 2 girls. She is in the Huntingdon area. Her e-mail is julie.webb6@btinternet.com for further details. 

Our Fashion had a litter to Frankel.  We have one dog puppy available. Contact me on 07773947471 or at   gaytonwood@hotmail.co.uk

Rogan, Frankel and Beau are expecting litters in the next couple of months and details will be posted here when the pregnancies are confirmed. 

If you are looking for a Working Golden Retriever Litter I will post any I have due here but there is a Facebook Page - Working Golden Retrievers which will put you in touch with a large number of breeders of working goldens and someone there may have a litter due. Also look at www.goldenstuddogs.co.uk where there are a number of stud dogs advertised and you can contact the owners to see if they have puppies due or available. 

We often have litters due sired by our dogs and we will list the details here.


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